More schedule details and room information coming soon! We’ll have a vendor’s area, board games, video games, tournaments, movies, card games, and more! We’ll be in the cafeteria and lecture hall at South Portland High School.

Event Hours:
Open 9AM-9PM
Vendors 10AM-3PM

9AM-9PM Kingmaker Challenge: Every hour we will compare how much players have raised during the event on their ExtraLife page. Raise the most money, earn a crown for the hour, raise the most money by the end of night: win cool prizes! The standings will be projected during the event for all to see!

Lecture Hall: Video Games
All video game tournaments are free to play for those who can demonstrate that they’ve created and Extra Life page, raised at least $20, and promoted it via social media. Otherwise tournaments are $5 each. 

9AM-9PM Video Games: BYOS (Bring Your Own System) and play all day long or come play some of the systems we have set up! Please limit monitors to 32″ or smaller and make sure to bring power and extension cords.
10AM Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Doubles Description: 2v2 battles, Team Attack On, 8 Minutes, 3 stocks, No Items, Legal Stages only. 2/3 matches, 3/5 for Finals (Winners, Losers, Grand. DSR in effect for 3/5.)
1PM Kugo the Mighty comes to announce and commentate on video games!
1PM Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Singles Description: 1v1 battles, no items, legal stages only, 6 minutes, 2 stocks. 2/3 until Finals (Winners, Losers, Grands. DSR in effect for 3/5.)
5PM Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Description: Items on, all courses allowed, all Kart pieces allowed, Gold Mario is banned. (Agreed upon by those racing, if an agreement cannot be reached then random will be selected.)
5PM Super Smash Bros Melee
7PM Level Up Gauntlet Finale Description: The culmination of all things gaming! Participants would have played their way through an unknown challenge to earn their spot in the finale. 8 players will compete in one final gaming competition that will challenge even some of Maine’s most old school gamers!

Cafeteria: Gaming
9AM-9PM Board Games: Bring your own or play one of our many library games!
9AM-2PM Child/Family Friendly Board Games & Programming
10AM-2PM Face Painting
2PM Win a Demo Game Demos: Play a demo and enter to win a copy! Raffles will happen at 7PM!
2PM Jackbox Games: Open for all who want to play- Jackbox Games will be played!
2PM-4PM Face Painting
6PM-9PM After Dark Party Games: games for the older audience. Joking Hazard, Cards Against Humanity, and more.